Friends of the Nurse Tree Arch

I asked my advisors to help me understand why the Nurse Tree Arch Hatchfund campaign was not being used. Based on the feedback I received from them, I am asking this of you: DON’T CONTRIBUTE to the Nurse Tree Arch through the Hatchfund platform.

I missed an important, and devilish detail: IF YOUR PROJECT DOES NOT SUCCESSFULLY FUND, DONORS WILL NOT RECEIVE REFUNDS. See the rest of the policy in which this is embedded below.

3. All donors receive a tax receipt IMMEDIATELY after they make their donation online. If your project does not successfully fund, donors will not receive refunds. However, please be assured that they have already received their tax receipt. Also, remember that only 5% of donations go to unfunded projects.

This is not a fair practice, and I cannot support it. So please do not give Hatchfund any money.

I will work with Drachman Montessori to find out how you can donate directly to them in support of their arch construction. I am putting my other marketing fundraising goals on hold.

I apologize for not catching this detail sooner. Repeated calls to the Hatchfund representative, Dillon Nicholson, have not been returned.


Michael Ray