Go To: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/manufacturing-the-nurse-tree-arch

The campaign started April 27th and will stay live until May 28.  $950 toward the $6000 goal was raised in the first three days of the campaign!

The campaign funds construction of a 4th prototype using CNC routing to fabricate planks and purlins that clip together to create the arch structure. This prototype will also pilot the use of earthcrete sidewalls and a less expensive subterranean heating and cooling system. It will also fund the creation of the owners guide to assembly and management of this unique gardening structure.

Take a look at the You Tube video that introduces the campaign here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3MAzC-0_3s

Nurse Tree Arch Design, L3C is excited to work with Kristen Bury, the Community Outreach Officer for Drachman Montessori Elementary School in the Tucson Unified School District. A presentation of initial plans for placement of several Arch structures in the school courtyard was made recently. The school council will meet within a month to decide the status of the project. Kristen is lining up grant money to build the arches, which will be made with the new manufacturing process. The Nurse Tree Arches will provide a supportive infrastructure for the schools ecology program.