This will catch my readers up on continued work, most of which has revolved around completion of the desert adapted solar greenhouse that I call the Earth Arch. A solar greenhouse is defined by Lindsey Schiller in the Year-Round Solar Greenhouse as “a structure that works with local climate and resources, using the sun as the predominant energy source not only for growth but for the structures  energy needs.” In this case I use the massive earthen walls surrounding the raised beds to keep bed temperature at around 80 degrees throughout the hot summer, where ground temps outside the arch easily reach 150˚ F. Rather than collect solar energy, the arch helps reflect it back into space using Aluminet shade cloth, while slowing transpiration and evaporation by draping hydrophobic (water restraining) row cover beneath the shade. Solexx glazing used in the winter is removed, or put in an awning position for maximum ventilation. A fan moves AC cooled air from an adjacent room through the south wall and into the Earth Arch. Together the temperature inside the Earth Arch is 94˚ F. – reliably 14 or 15 degrees cooler inside compared to temps outside (108˚ F. ).  Though not complete, I have installed an additional Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHT) system in the ground on the east flank of the Earth Arch. I will get it completed later in the year