I’m beginning to make a transition from the old www.nursetreearch.com blog to this WordPress business site for Nurse Tree Arch Design, L3C. This will be a quick update on the progress since June 2014.

September – October – November 2014: The first manufactured version of the Patio Arch was cut on a computer controlled router at CNCRoutingAZ, a Chandler Arizona firm owned by Gary French. This arch was assembled in the Tucson Workshop of Nurse Tree Arch Design, L3C owner Michael Ray. It was shown at the Envision Tucson Sustainable festival October 26th, and then sold to Barbara W. – a local Nurse Tree Arch supporter and installed at her home November 21st, 2014.

9-26-14cutoutframes  10-6-14GaryandGussets

10-26-14ETSF Display  11-28-14MichaelwithBarbsArch

December 2014 – March 2015: The second manufacturing run – a full size arch for the Fifth Prototype,  was cut  by CNCRoutingAz on December 19th. After the holidays, work on the foundations for the raised-bed within a bermed wall began. This involved learning to mix and pour earthcrete, and incorporating ferrocement walls within the structure. Finish sanding, sealing and assembling of the components is occuring in parallel with the foundation and wall building work. A new do-it-yourself crowdfunding approach using WordPress add-ons is under consideration. Inside the original Nurse Tree Arch, lettuce, beets, Hatch chilis and kale are feeding the house. Cottonwood branches are cut for the hugelkultur medium that will comprise the core of the beds.

3-24-15Foundationwork 3-24-15Foundationwork#2 3-24-15Gussetsprepped 3-24-15InsideArch#1 3-24-15Lettuce&Beetsinsidearch#1 3-24-15cottonwood