Readers of the project blog know why I think the Nurse Tree Arch is important. If gardening is to survive as a vocation on the new planet we are crafting, it will need to control evaporation and transpiration. Keep the writhing mass of organisms we describe as soil at a temperature below 85 degrees in the summer and above 60 degrees in the winter. Happy soil organisms equals productive plants. The structural solutions offered by the Nurse Tree Arch help make this happen.

I chose to organize as a low-profit, limited liability business. This type of business entity attracts investors who share the values of the enterprise.

“The low-profit, limited liability company, or L3C, is a hybrid of a nonprofit and for-profit organization. More specifically, it is a new type of limited liability company (LLC) designed to attract private investments and philanthropic capital in ventures designed to provide a social benefit.” -Non Profit Law Blog
By reducing the focus on profit taking, the L3C form of organization is explicit with investors that the path forward involves maximizing investment in the service of its social progress goals, rather than making investor wealth building the center of the universe. At the same time, investors can help assure that the investments are smart and productive. Arizona lacks the legislation needed to get that form of organization. That is why the Nurse Tree Arch Design is organized through the State of Vermont.

As an innovator amidst a groundswell of interest in sustainable food supplies, Nurse Tree Arch Design is destined to face many moments of truth. My job as the inventor and business owner is to move through the business making process with integrity as I organize a way from early adoption to mass acceptance of sustainable gardening methods, structures and tools. I hope the L3C will attract investment from foundations and individual supporters.
The answer to FAQ #1: The plan is to have all systems (business plan, production, quality control, market plan, sales and assessment) working together to serve customers by early in 2015. It is helpful to know that we have willing customers – contact Michael Ray at .

Are you interested in supporting this Nurse Tree Arch enterprise?
In the month ahead you will have at least three ways to help this business grow.

1) When prompted by email later this month, go to the Nurse Tree Arch crowdfunding site (To Be Announced on the website soon) and make a pledge of support to the construction of the 4th prototype.

2) Contact Michael about becoming a sustaining investor. Investment can help build a workplace, improve the production process, and expand sales reach.

3) Contact Michael about help needed to staff the April 19th Earth Day booth, or offer other skills and contacts that can help move the project to its full potential.
Photo’s below: components of the CNC routing methodology being explored to manufacture the arch.

3-4-14Wikiarchpiecesonjig 3-4-14wikiarchprotofromabove